4 tips for creating your dream bedroom

April 27, 2022

This spring, we have collaborated with the multi-talented interior designer Robin Ankermark, and he has shared his thoughts on how he upgraded his bedroom together with Carpe Diem Beds. Get some great tips and inspiration on why a white colour scheme doesn’t always have to be the winning concept for your dream bedroom design.

Why did I choose Carpe Diem Beds? 

Buying a new bed may not be the easiest thing to do. There are so many manufacturers and varieties of beds to choose from. I went around and tried lots of beds and numerous salespeople recommend the range from Carpe Diem Beds. If you think about it, you quickly realize that you spend a third of your time in bed. 

My choice fell on the bed model called Härmanö and after trying it out in store, I chose firmness level medium. The reason for me ending up with a Härmanö has a lot to do with the fact that I am suffering from back pain. Carpe Diem Beds has developed a patented spring system where there is special padding material inside each individual spring which helps the body to adjust and to give it the much-needed pressure relief. This was crucial for me. 

The vision for my bedroom 

Since I am a professional interior designer, I chose to plan my bedroom from scratch. The house I live in has lots of traditional features like original herringbone floors, stucco and ceiling medallions. I wanted to achieve a sense of exclusivity and harmony. Therefore, I chose to have a mix of traditional elements in the base design and then added on modern elements. I have custom-made wardrobes with mirrored doors, decorative panels and stucco combined with a stylish, modern-looking bed. I chose the Holme bedside table in metal and modern lighting for an exclusive look and feel. When I was going to choose legs for the bed, I chose the Reling model, with its clean lines and a stripped-down design.

Stylish vs. Messy 

I wanted a dark bed as a base for the style I was going for. Therefore, the choice of fabric fell on Luxury Black from the Classic Collection. As for the combination of bedding, pillows and blankets, I think it's fun to have several bedding sets so you can have multiple options. It all depends on the season and what look you are trying to achieve. One look may be a bit stricter and go in a cleaner style, while another is a little messier. Sometimes you find the perfect in the imperfect. Regardless of style, it's about finding a feeling you like. Then there are of course a lot of tricks in terms of colours, textures and accessories that you can use.

4 tips for creating your dream bedroom 

1. The importance of material selection
Combining different materials can be difficult as there is so much to choose from. A general tip is to mix hard materials with soft materials and round shapes with angular ones. Also, try to think of textures - for example, by adding a fluffy soft blanket to the bed. Also, do not forget that plants can make a huge difference to a bedroom. 

2. Colours
When we think of colour for a bedroom, white is often the starting point. I would like to challenge this. If there is a room where darker colours fit well, it is in the bedroom. Dare to choose a darker colour, why not a deep blue or grey-green shade? If you regret it, you can always repaint the walls. 

 3. Lighting
A common mistake when decorating is to underestimate the number of light sources that you need to make the room feel inviting and cosy. I usually say that a normal sized room should have between 6-8 different light sources. This is to have lighting for different seasons and times of the day. And do not forget to install dimmers. 

4. The choice of bed
If there is one thing that determines how comfortable your are in your bedroom, it is how well you sleep. If you sleep poorly, it does not really matter what colours you chose for the walls or how the decorative pillows are set up. My biggest tip - invest in your sleep and get the possible bed that matches your needs and body type.