Creating a tranquil haven

September 14, 2023

The very talented interior designer Sidsel Garsdal has soothed our senses with her poetic Instagram pictures since 2016. Using Carpe Diem Bed products, she has now decorated her and her husband’s bedroom. A result she describes as “a place to dream – both night and day”.

In this symphony of design and comfort, I have found my haven.

"When it comes to interior design, my heart gravitates towards a style that can be described as soft, light, airy, and undeniably feminine. I am captivated by the delicate dance of old-world charm and modern elegance. And the exquisite offerings from Carpe Diem Beds embodies this harmonious fusion excellently."

"As an interior decorator, my goal is to infuse my bedroom with an ambiance that exudes calmness and grace. For me, the bedroom is a sanctuary – a place where colours blend seamlessly, and tranquillity reigns. I even took the Carpe Diem Beds textile samples with me to the paint shop to make sure it all matched perfectly."

Fusion of contrasts

When Sidsel first laid her eyes on the Rörö bedframe, she was struck by its innovative frame that elegantly captures the very essence of sleep with a modern minimalist finesse.

"The Rörö bed does not merely offer slumber, it is an artful sculpture piece that draw attention to the room. Its seamless companionship with the sleek, steel nightstands is a match made in design heaven. And just look at how the Tammaro Smoke fabric, with its timeless and classic design, coexists harmoniously with the clean lines of the modern Rörö. This contrast breathes life into my vision of a space that is minimalistic and softly voluminous at the same time. Even my beloved old dressing table found its place in here!"

Stuff that soothes both brain and soul

In her quest to craft a haven of tranquillity, Sidsel find several steadfast allies.

The softness of the Carpe Diem Bed duvets is nothing short of a cocoon, enfolding me in comfort and warmth. And let us not forget scents. The fragrances crafted by Carpe Diem Beds resonate with my senses, turning my bedroom into not just a night-time sanctuary but a realm of self-care and rejuvenation throughout the day.

Design and beauty are all very well, but a bed must also be practical. The art of sleep requires more than just aesthetics.

Here, Carpe Diem Beds triumphs again. With the option of different firmness in the same mattress, both my husband and I find the support we need, exactly where it matters. In this symphony of design and comfort, I have found my haven.