Mulberry silk


As nature blossoms with the arrival of spring, immerse yourself in the
delicate touch of luxury with silk. Picture yourself cocooned in the soft embrace of our Mulberry Silk Duvet and Pillow, a serene sanctuary for your slumber.

Buy a bed and get a Mulberry Silk Duvet and Pillow

Right now you get a Mulberry Silk Duvet and Pillow with your bed purchase. Featuring temperature regulation qualities fit for unpredictable seasons.

Campaign is valid 16.04 – 21.06 2024. A Mulberry Silk Set consists of one single duvet and one pillow per bed space. Beds 90 to 140 cm wide equal one bed space, beds 160 to 210 cm wide equal two bed spaces. For two bed spaces, choose between two single duvets or one double duvet. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Beautiful silk bedding from Carpe Diem Beds

Benefits of Silk

100% Mulberry silk duvets and pillows and pillows will bring the height of luxury to your bed. Silk has naturally dust and dirt-repellent properties, providing a unique ability to self-clean. This makes it an outstanding choice for people with allergies.

Silk makes you warm when it’s cold out and feels cool to the touch when it’s hot out. With its breathable qualities, it transports excess moisture away from you while you sleep. And that means you can sleep undisturbed – without being
awakened by sweat or feeling cold.