Enhance your bedroom with the versatile Åstol Bed Bench. Use it as a bed extension, tranquil seating, or a decorative piece, perfectly complementing Carpe Diem Beds' handmade creations.
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Made to order and delivered within 8-10 weeks
The Åstol Bed Bench is a sleek and versatile piece of bedroom furniture that effortlessly complements any decor style. Whether used as a bed extension, tranquil seating by the window, or a standalone decorative piece, it adds functionality and elegance to your bedroom.

Multifunctional Design
The simplicity of the Åstol Bed Bench offers a sense of multifunctionality, serving as both a practical and aesthetic addition to your bedroom space.

Design your Åstol Bed Bench
The Köl legs, specifically designed to fit the Åstol Bed Bench, are available in two variations: matt black and shiny chrome. Both options beautifully complement the bed legs Lod and Reling, as well as the bedside table Holme, providing you with the flexibility to create a cohesive and unified bedroom ensemble. You can select from any of the 16 complimentary fabrics that are part of our Classic Collection. Additionally, you have the option to choose one of our Exclusive Collection fabrics at an additional cost.

Handmade in Sweden
Åstol Bed Bench is made by hand in the Carpe Diem Beds factory in Småland, Sweden.