Hällsö Walnut
Hällsö Walnut from The Iconic Collection is a celebration of bespoke craftmanship. With its wooden frame and unique floating design, Hällsö Walnut exudes classic charm while providing unparalleled comfort.
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Made to order and delivered within 6-8 weeks

Hällsö Walnut

The Hällsö Walnut bed frame, part of the Iconic Collection, seamlessly combines timeless luxury and craftsmanship. Its handcrafted walnut frame and unique floating design bring a sense of elegance and sophistication to any bedroom. The wooden frame of the Hällsö Walnut bed exudes a timeless, classic charm, elevating the aesthetics of your bedroom with its bespoke quality.

Each Hällsö Walnut bed frame is unique with natural variations in the walnut material, making it a one-of-a-kind addition to any bedroom design. Hällsö Walnut goes perfectly with the Pinnö Headboard. Please be aware that the natural variations in the wood may cause slight differences in colours.

Patented solutions
Just like all beds from Carpe Diem Beds, Hällsö Walnut is designed to give you an ergonomic, relaxing night’s sleep that leaves you revitalised and ready for the new day.

Carpe Diem Beds’ Contour Pocket System

Our Contour Pocket System is a patented spring system that is placed just below the surface of your bed. Unlike other spring systems, the Contour Pocket System integrates the padding materials into each individual spring. This unique design allows each spring to adjust to the shape of your body, providing a personalized sleeping experience. By conforming to your body's shape, the Contour Pocket System helps your muscles relax, allowing you to fall asleep in a comfortable and relaxed position.

Air circulation
The ingenious holes in the base plate of the bed promote free air circulation beneath the mattress, ensuring a comfortable sleeping environment throughout the night.

Design your own Hällsö Walnut frame bed
Hällsö Walnut is available in different sizes, including single, double, and king-size beds. It is designed to perfectly accommodate the exclusive spring mattresses Stora Harpö and Lilla Harpö. Complete the look by adding the Pinnö or Rivö headboard. You can select from any of the 16 complimentary fabrics that are part of our Classic Collection. Additionally, you have the option to choose one of our Exclusive Collection fabrics at an additional cost.

Handmade in Sweden
Hällsö Walnut is made by hand in Sweden. Carpe Diem Beds offers a 25-year warranty for faulty frames and/or pocket-spring breaks.

Facts: Hällsö Walnut

Recommended mattress:
Our box spring mattresses, Stora Harpö and Lilla Harpö, are the perfect choice if you want to treat yourself to the feel of a bed from Carpe Diem Beds, but would prefer a bed frame design. Stora Harpö is our exclusive box spring mattress and combines two unique spring systems for optimum sleep. Lilla Harpö is a luxurious box spring mattress with our patented Visco Elastic Bottom Layer, which absorbs pressure from your body.

Lilla and Stora Harpö is hand-made in Sweden.

Recommended mattress topper:
For Hällso including a Lilla or Stora Harpö, we recommend our soft and responsive Luxury mattress topper. Luxury has a cotton-lined summer side, a wool-lined winter side and a core of Talalay latex. Practical and comfortable, all year round – made to match your chosen fabric for the frame and box spring mattress. Height 7.5 cm.

1. Carpe Diem Luxury mattress topper made from wool, cotton and Talalay latex (standard option).
2. Robustly constructed bed frame
3. Integrated wooden leg box
4. Lilla Harpö: a box spring mattress which includes our patented Visco Elastic Bottom Layer
5. Stora Harpö: a box spring mattress which includes our patented Contour Pocket System and Visco Elastic Bottom Layer.

Height with Stora Harpö incl. centred leg piece and top mattress 64 cm.