Luxury Split Mattress Topper RO Asuri Antler 180x210
Exclusive, reversible split mattress topper for an adjustable bed. This mattress has a cotton-lined side for summer, a wool-lined side for winter and a Talalay latex core. Available in several sizes.
£2,275.00 GBP
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1800 mm x 2100 mm x 80 mm
Carpe Diem Beds’ split Luxury mattress topper is 7.5 cm thick, with a split seam at the head of the mattress to fit an adjustable bed. The mattress is reversible, with a cool, cotton-lined side for summer and a warm, wool-lined side for winter for maximum sleep comfort all year long. This plush, yielding mattress topper is handmade in Sweden. The mattress topper core is made of Talalay latex, which transfers moisture and heat away from your body – allowing you to sleep undisturbed.

The Luxury split mattress topper has a fitted decorative fabric border. Choose from Carpe Diem Beds’ Classic Collection fabrics in an array of beautiful colours. If you buy your Carpe Diem Beds mattress topper and bed at the same time, the fabric of the decorative border on the mattress will be matched to the fabric of your bed.

The Luxury split mattress topper is available in several sizes for double and king-size beds.

The mattress topper is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified.