Mulberry Silk Duvet
Silk duvet made in exclusive mulberry silk. If you prefer a slightly heavier duvet that offers a sensation akin to a hug, then this is your duvet. Available in single and double sizes. Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified.
£450.00 GBP
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Delivered within 8-10 days, provided the product is in stock
A good night’s rest starts with a beautiful, high-quality duvet. Carpe Diem Beds’ mulberry silk duvet is filled with 900 g of ultra-high-quality mulberry silk, and the shell is 100% cotton. This slightly heavier duvet offers a sensation akin to a hug. Pull it up and enjoy the feel of it slowly settling around your body. The silk will acclimate to your body temperature for exquisite comfort. Our mulberry silk duvet is available as a single duvet, and as a large duvet for a double bed.

The many benefits of a silk duvet

100% mulberry silk duvets and pillows will bring the height of luxury to your bed. Silk has naturally dust and dirt-repellent properties, providing a unique ability to self-clean. This makes it an outstanding choice for people with allergies. Silk also provides warmth when it’s cold out, and feels cool to the touch when it’s hot out. This duvet is breathable, while absorbing and transporting excess moisture away from you while you sleep. And that means you can sleep undisturbed – without being awakened by sweat or feeling cold.

Carpe Diem Beds’ mulberry silk duvet is certified to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.
We do not recommend that you machine- or handwash your silk products. Instead, we recommend that you place your silk products in an open area where they can air out. Avoid direct or strong sunlight.