Pinnö undefined 218x149
£2,090.00 GBP
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Made to order and delivered within 6-8 weeks
2180 mm x 1490 mm x 67 mm
The Pinnö Headboard is a sleek and contemporary masterpiece crafted from tall, vertical walnut slats. Its construction, featuring natural patina and rich wood tones, creates a warm and inviting ambience, perfect for a relaxing and comforting atmosphere.

Majestic design
Inspired by the serenity of the great Nordic forests, the wooden design of the Pinnö Headboard exudes a majestic and luxurious presence, turning the bed area into the focal point of the room and making a design statement.

Available in three sizes, the Pinnö Headboard can adapt to any bed and any bedroom, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.

The extended version of the headboard, with a width of 282cm, features walnut bedside tables, offering seamless and organized sleeping space. With everything you may need within arm's reach, it combines functionality with elegance for the ultimate sleeping experience.

Handmade in Sweden
Pinnö headboard is made by hand in the Carpe Diem Beds factory in Småland, Sweden.